maybe lists aren’t really my friend

I accomplished exactly one thing from my weekend to-do list from last Friday: the post about the wedding. But honestly that wasn’t even the post I had planned to write; sometimes words flit around in my brain and never make it out in the open. Lucky for the world, APW exists so I don’t have to worry that I’m dropping the ball in the wedding wisdom department.

I guess I kind of played with the color filters – the red one anyway! Finished off a roll, now I have 2 ready for processing. I also have a roll of 110 film from a “mini Holga” zp got for me Last christmas (he knows what I like) before either of us knew 110 is out of production – so after I finished the roll it came with, it’s now a useless piece of plastic. ANYway I’m finally going to get around to sending the 110 to Dwayne (only shop in the country (world?) who still processes 110 film apparently), going to snub the local camera shop this time and send in my holga film to Dwayne as well. I almost hope it’s not cheaper that way because I will feel bad for abandoning my friendly local film developers..

I already confessed my lack of volunteering.. *shame* One day I will live up to your expectations Obama!!

Aaaand definitely did not finish my sketchbook for Art House Co-op’s Sketchbook Project. So here’s some more of my harmony sketches, I had thought I might print them out and put them in my sketchbook, didn’t happen:


(I like elephants)
(pretty loose interpretation of my holga)
(this one’s my favorite)
(I saw a dolphin off the coast of South Carolina once)
(something weird is going on with this person’s face)

..and now it’s time to go face the insanity that is the “Fighting Fit” class I tricked some APW ladies into taking with me.. So good but I seriously can’t move after our first class on Tuesday!! Not sure what I can accomplish tonight..

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3 Responses to maybe lists aren’t really my friend

  1. Liz says:

    why didn’t i know you draw??

    • d-day says:

      haha because I don’t, really? my mom is an artist, she likes to get me to do stuff, but I mostly just like to doodle. especially on fun things like that Harmony site where I drew all of the above.

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