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birdcage veils: cute but not easy

So you may or may not have already seen my wedding graduate post.

Since I wrote that, and have spent so much time commenting and whatnot over at APW, I haven’t really felt like making a full-fledged post on here about our wedding. But it’s true that a grad post doesn’t begin to cover the half what the day was like, or what the planning was like, or how much we learned along the way. It also doesn’t show much of the little details because that’s just not what APW is about (thank goodness). But that doesn’t mean that I’m not just dying to show everyone our button flower pens..*

you can't really tell but there are baby pics inside the jars

or our seating chart, with button pins..*

wish the photog had gotten a better picture, ha

or our guest book recipe box thing.

one of the more elaborate drawings..

I don’t know what else to call it, but we had the button flower pens and a few crayons at each table, and each place setting had an extra large index card, and we asked them to write us a note or draw us a picture as a memento of their presence. We were blown away by the adorable/thoughtful/hilarious response. I wasn’t sure if anyone would bother, but ended up getting one back from almost everyone. Highly recommend this as an alternative to the guest book. My sister got me a recipe box as a shower gift (and my mom painted the top, which you can’t see but it’s adorable), but you can find really cute sets on Etsy, like this.

I really would prefer to just have everyone over so I can show you our wedding book. We got a Groupon to A & I Books like a year ago, and just finally got around to making the book last month (I guess that’s the good thing about Groupons, the fact that they expire = good motivation). Anyway how it works is, you download the A&I software, lay out the whole book, and you make proofs, that look like this.

If it looks ok, you send in the files (the software you download makes all this very easy) and BAM. Two or three weeks later, you have your book. We went with a small 8 x 8 hardcover, 60 pages or so, and it’s awesome. I keep wanting to look through it over and over again. I seriously considered just posting all the proofs on this blog but then I came back from the ledge and realized that’s way overkill. I think I will just leave it here and then come back occasionally and talk about more specific lessons learned/other tidbits as they become relevant.

One last thing: can I just say I cannot WAIT to see this girl in my dress?? She’s making some changes to it, I’ve seen some previews, and I can’t believe her wedding isn’t for another 9 months, I might die of the suspense. At least I know she’s going to be wearing some hawt shoes.  yayyy sisterhood!

*Originally I had planned to do button bouquets instead of using flowers, but then I scrapped that when I realized that a) I love flowers and 2. button bouquets are HEAVY. Anyway we’d already collected hundreds of buttons and my sister had already thought up the brilliant idea to give away candy buttons in little tins as favors, so we incorporated buttons where we could.

All photos in this post, with the exception of the polaroid (taken by a friend), were taken by Bong Lee of Photo Bisou (who unfortunately has now added music to his website, which is hilarious considering the conversation on Friday).

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21 Responses to le wedding

  1. Jo says:

    OOOOOH! That is a really good idea!

    And aww the Sisterhood.

    (Why do your posts revert me to onomatopoeia?

  2. Jenn says:

    aha, I’ve found your blog! I can more successfully stalk you without resorting to Twitter! :)

    I’m pretty sure that the only reason every post for me doesn’t evolve into pictures of my dogs is that I no longer live with them. But I bet I could find some gems in my old photos…

    • d-day says:

      it’s a struggle not to post about Brady every single day! haha. the banner at the top keeps me in check, a bit. glad you found me!

    • d-day says:

      also. I just realized your little gravatar has a bum link.

      • Jenn says:

        better? I am so new to this whole blog thing, sometimes i mistype my url. and I can never remember if I am missallocation or misallocation. shit guess I’d better leave to meet you!

    • d-day says:

      haha yep now it’s working! :)

      also, what a class, huh? I’m excited about it.

      • Jenn says:

        Whoa yes what a class. I had no idea we did this much ab work in that one little hour, but my abs are telling me about it today…
        Also, I both love and loathe jump rope. I could entertain myself jumping rope for hours as a child, but I seem to have lost my touch.

  3. Robin says:

    I’m just going to quietly comment that I’m a *teensy* bit jealous that your sisterhood of the traveling dress story is so much more sister-y than mine. Just saying.

    • d-day says:

      aww, yeah your dress lady is not near you? whatever I have no pity, you have MEG. and LAUREN. and like a billion other smart ladies. (right? you live in SF? or am I crazy?)

      • Robin says:

        That’s true. Absolutely. Meg, Lauren, Emily (takes photos), Tamera (verhext). Team Practical Bay Area is amazing. I don’t care at all that my dress lady’s not near me. I care a little that she hasn’t emailed me to tell me if it even fits/looks good/etc. I’m kind of not surprised (what can one expect of a total stranger? Not much, clearly), and at the same time, wish a little that we could be friends. Or friend-ly. Or have good manners. Or something. Good thing I was unequivocal about the giveaway, though, or I might be really unhappy. ;)

      • d-day says:

        ohh ok now I see. yes that is stinkers! Jenn has been a very gracious recipient. I think as dress-giver you are well within your rights to badger this girl for some feedback haha. it would break my heart for that gorgeous dress of yours to just vanish into the ether..

    • Jenn says:

      aww thats crappy :( You can come have drinks with us in DC anytime!!

      You definitely deserve a little update (although I am sure Rachel has heard more than she wants to about eh status of how the dress fits…thus kickboxing class.)

      • Robin Rudikoff says:

        My family is in Baltimore, and my two best friends from home are in DC. Next time I visit, it’s a date!!

        I know that I *could* bug her for info. But part of me is fascinated by it, and wonder how long she’ll go without telling me something. And I think it’s less that I actually need to force some sharing or connection, and more that I just think it would have been nice if one had been created organically. Eventually, I’ll ask her for an update…but I guess not now.

      • Jenn says:

        That is a pretty darn mature way to see it. I am not so mature. I wasn’t expecting this kind of connection to come out of it, but given that I had the chance to meet Rachel in person, I knew I had to.

        I was less happy to meet her once I saw her microscopic waist however. (seriously.) And I was nervous to tell her I was going to change the dress up a little bit! It did feel slightly sacrilegious to me, in a way that wouldn’t be true had I bought the dress used or some other more anonymous way.

        I think too I bonded to the idea of APW as a community, long before I even got back to the US. I was sitting out there in London all alone, with this budget so not in alignment with anything I’d ever seen, and all of a sudden I found you guys and it was my moment of epiphany. And then Liz offered me her chair covers, and then I won the dress…so I think I may have been more than usually grateful for everything, from the start.

      • d-day says:

        honestly it was a bit of a shock when you first started talking about the changes you were making to the dress! but then I totally embraced it, because of course you should make it your own. I guess I would feel different about it if I thought you were ruining it, but I like the changes so far. :) (I need to figure out what I did that enabled emoticons on this blog. NOT LIKE)

        Robin, I thought I remembered you had a Baltimore/DC connection. We will definitely have to try to organize an APW meet-up next time you’re in the area.

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  5. Meghan says:

    I love the sisterhood of the travelling dress and wish I wasn’t such a freak that can’t let go of my dress. I could LOAN it, but give it away and have it altered, no m’am. So you are brave. And boo to Robin’s dress person. Boo. I even emailed the woman I bought it from Once Wed and was crazy enough to send pictures of me in it (vain often). And your wedding details are too cute.

    • d-day says:

      haha no shame in keeping it! and I totally considered sending pics to the girl I got my dress from and chickened out. but I LOVED seeing the photos of the girl’s wedding from the First dress I bought, and then sold on Once Wed (funny story there, the APW book club totally reunited us a year after I sold the dress to her). I’m sure the girl you got your dress from was thrilled to see the photos. :)

  6. Marnie Tao says:

    What a great idea to have a bound book! I just did an album old-fashioned like, but now I hope someday I’ll have time to dig up all the digital pics and make a real book! Also, I just saw what Jenn did to your dress – it looks really cool! It looks like a totally different dress, but I LOVE the lace! That was such a cool thing you did!

  7. Bobby says:

    Nice! This almost makes me want to log into my MySpace account to update my status about how happy I am about this news!Wait wht1#&82a7;s my password again? And what’s my username? Now what’s a MySpace?

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