today is actually friday right?

..yesterday I dressed myself in jeans, all pumped for casual Friday. Woops.

Apparently 2011 is a year for lists, for me. I’ve got some things I’d like to accomplish this weekend, and I guess if I’ve got some blog posts next week, we’ll know if I succeeded and to what extent:

  • put together a post about the wedding (getting the wedding book in the mail yesterday got me excited to share)
  • to the purpose of fulfilling the “write more letters/send more birthday cards” goal, make (or at least start making) a batch of note cards from cardstock left over from wedding. Buy more rubberstamps if necessary (please let it be necessary)??
  • play with new color filters zp got me for christmas
  • volunteer on MLK day
  • finish/send in sketchbook to Art House Co-Op? I’m so behind on it, might be able to get some sketching in this weekend. They just extended the deadline to Monday Tuesday, we’ll see what I can do..!

Also excited to attend my mom’s tea party tomorrow. She’s the queen of the orange scone (and many other delicious tea party type foods), and has bunches of the most adorable tea pots and miscellaneous tea cups. I may have to share photos of this event..

AND tomorrow morning is my first day of Psych 202. Last semester, this professor had a habit of using his position of authority to promote his pro-life propaganda (in the most condescending way possible, honestly). If he brings up abortion this semester, I might have to rant about it on the blog. Not that I want to get into a pro-life/pro-choice debate on here, but I wouldn’t mind airing my grievances regarding professors and their common inability to present unbiased information/teach critical thinking. Particularly shocking in a class where we learn one of the main requirements for the study/practice of psychology is CRITICAL THINKING. Apparently I could go on about this..

Okay the above is kind of a lot for a 3-day weekend! But aiming high is a good thing right?

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1 Response to today is actually friday right?

  1. Jo says:

    GAH. I just ran into the pro-life/choice issue in my community. There’s a pregnancy care center that states they provide all options, but they actually send you to a Bible Study if you want to get an abortion.

    More rubberstamps. Always.

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