Life List.. In progress

Mmmk I’ve added a few things to my Life List. I was kind of alarmed the other day while I was musing over this on my metro ride home, how is it that I could only think of 21 things I’d like to accomplish in my whole life?? I’m sure I’m just feeling blocked, I will leave it to the internets to provide other lists I can copy ideas from. HA just kidding. Kind of.

I think it’s partly that it’s kind of a big deal to commit something to that list. I probably have a few timid ideas lurking behind some bit of brain mass, too skeered to come out and announce themselves. Here’s to being brave and letting some of those dreams out in the open–!

(for the record, just announcing my plan to become a counselor was big bananas for me, so. progress!)

(it was a Valentine's Day race, but still. should probably add "get better running outfits" to 2011 goals)

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2 Responses to Life List.. In progress

  1. Jo says:

    I heart lists. They can be surprisingly controversial, though! I know that there are several things on my list that won’t happen for years, and others that may never get done!

    I think that’s the perfect V-Day race outfit.

    And getting your career out there? Lady, that is HUGE.

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