bman at it again

My poor dog is at the dentist again. Yes I did just use “dog” and “dentist” in the same sentence. He broke a tooth a few months ago so we had to take him to get it fixed, and now he’s having issues with a different tooth so they’re having to extract it and fix up his nose. I’m not even going to go into more detail than that, but it probably goes without saying that these procedures are incredibly expensive. It’s worth it to us to take the best care of our dog we can, but it is a pretty huge drag to funnel our savings into this kind of thing instead of saving it for our future home. I don’t resent him for it though, the little bugger is too loveable to hold anything at all against him.

A word to the wise though: don’t adopt a dog until you have about $5K built up in a special vet care savings account. You may not need it but the weirdest sh*t can happen inside a dog’s mouth.

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