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I’ve been mulling over some goals for the past week or two, thought I’d lay them out here so I could check back a year from now and see how I did. I still have my 101 things in 1001 days (Day Zero Project site is currently down, can’t link) that I want to keep working on, but that’s through November 2012, I work better in a shorter term.

2010 recap
I married my husband (who will henceforth be known by any number of silly nicknames I might be in the mood to call him) on March 20. It was an amazing day! I think because I spent so much time on APW this past year, I don’t feel inclined to go into more detail about how much we loved our wedding. We loved it though. It was the best wedding we’d ever been to and no other one will ever top it – and what else could you want for your own wedding? Married life is very similar to cohabitating life, except everything feels a bit more secure and permanent. Money has been less of an issue I think, since we merged checking accounts. I have less money to spend on my own things but it feels like we’re richer in general (probably because I’m not wasting gobs of money on nothing). I still made impulsive purchases post merge, but smaller ones. A candy bar, a magazine. I don’t care for candy bars or magazines, it’s like I just wanted to buy something because I could, darn it. I’d like to do less of that in 2011.  Our honeymoon was incredible. We may never go back to the same place but we’ll probably visit the Caribbean again. We adopted the most amazingly adorable mix pup in the entire world, on October 10.  We estimate he was born in February, so we’ve given him February 6 as his birthday – happens to be our engageaversary, and also, as it turns out, my grandparents’ wedding anniversary. How awesome. He’s been quite the money pit but worth every penny. Also we got a car in May, which I keep forgetting to add to the life-changing events of 2010. It’s a blessing and a burden, as all great things are.

For 2011, some generalizations:
– to not screw up on my birth control
– to not make silly impulsive purchases that drain money and are bad for my health
– to get involved with a volunteer group
– to do well in both my fitness and psych classes
– to work on my marriage (not because there’s something wrong but to make sure something doesn’t become wrong)
– to write more letters and send more birthday cards
– to be more tidy
– to be a better employee

Some actual items that could be crossed off the list on this day next year:
__ got an A in Psych
__ showed some physical difference after fitness class (either a loss in weight or the ability to fit comfortably in clothes I used to fit comfortably in
__ completed a race between 9:00 – 9:30/mile (5K/8K/10K, doesn’t matter)
__ participated in a volunteer activity
__ attended at least one session of “pre-marital” counseling
__ did something special for our one-year anniversary
__ visited my middle sister
__ went hiking with my dad

I could probably come up with some more but let’s not get carried away. Maybe I will come back and add some as I think of them. Probably in order to check off “be a better employee,” I should not do this at work. :-X

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2 Responses to for future reference

  1. Jo says:

    LOVE these! I’m trying for a 5K this year…we’ll see!

  2. d-day says:

    oh you can totally do it! let me know if you want any training tips. :) I’m not “a runner” by any means, but I do races all the time. the biggest hurdle is just the mental part, just knowing you can do it. and I’m telling you, you can do it! :)

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